Difference-Resoanable Price
Skinbooster experts use the research and development gained from developing thousands of products and brands to propose a combination of the safest and most effective products.
Since only skin boosters, not various products, are professionally carried out, we have a number of technologies and patent raw materials necessary to make skin boosters.
Since skin booster specialized planning, design, and developers plan products according to exact needs through customer matching services, we can propose reasonable product costs through rational product development.

Test & Analysis

Organoleptic test

he sensory test used in V:Lab product research and development is a measurement method that uses the human senses and is a psychological measurement method that evaluates using the five human senses, such as color, scent, and feeling of use.
Physical Properties test

The physical property test used in V:Lab product research and development is a test that measures the viscosity and hardness values of each product.
Microbiological Test

Microbiological testing conducted before the launch of V:Lab products includes total aerobic viable bacterial count tests and specific bacteria tests in accordance with the safety management standards for cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and quasi-drugs for animals.
Total aerobic viable bacteria is a test that tests general bacteria and fungi, and should not be detected in cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and quasi-drugs for animals. We also manage to prevent specific bacteria (E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus) from being detected.
Instrumental Analysis

Inspection of devices essential to the release of VLab products In such cases, the quality (confirmation test) and quantity (content test) of a specific substance, etc
Testing and heavy metal analysis using analytical instruments
After testing, we will proceed with final approval for production.

C e r t i f i c a t i o n s

Introducing the integrated authentication system.

V:Lab operates on the basis of the Quality Management System (QMS) is an enterprise-wide
management system in which all members of the organization participate in management activities
such as planning, design, purchasing, production, delivery, and service through customer

V:Lab operates on the basis of the Environmental Management System (EMS). This is part of a system
that manages the products or services that a company produces and various operational activities, and
it refers to a system that systematically manages the environmental impacts related to all activities,
products, and services of an organization just as a company has a quality management system to
manage the quality of a product or service

V:Lab produces products based on ISO 22716. ISO 22716 consists of various requirements, which are
based on the management of infrastructure such as human resources, buildings, and equipment,
which consist of manufacturing management from raw materials to finished products, process
management from departures/outside/complaints and post-processing, and change, internal review
and documentation management for system management

V:Lab is a company that officially trains ISO17024 international certificates for skincare and
international certificates for skincare instructors. It trains various professionals such as medical clinic,
aesthetic, and spa treatments, not for general consumers, so it provides a background for making
products in more definitely.